Protecting Staffin
Safeguarding Staffin and Skye's natural and cultural heritage

Druim nan Linntean as a project is committed to the environment.

The local community are involved at all stages of the project and we hope that our work will continue to build a sustainable relationship with tourism.

We continue to do this by organising things like beach cleans and volunteer path days.

We proudly have a working partnership with tour operator, Rabbie's Trail Burners who help us maintain our paths.

The Staffin Area

The Staffin area falls naturally into three divisions:


The ridge extends north to south from Sgurr Mòr to the Storr. The best overall account is that by Prof. John Birks in the Nature Conservation Review (Ratcliffe, 1977). The whole ridge is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation. The Trotternish Ridge is important for several scientific reasons: Geology (Massive Land Slips), Botany (Mountain vegetation above 450 m) and Birds.


The coast runs north to south from Flodigarry to Rubha na h-Àirde Glaise. The whole length has been identified by the Scottish Development Department as a Preferred Conservation Zone. The sandy beach at An Corran (NG 490686) has been noted as the only one in Trotternish. An extensive block of land extending inland from the coast between Flodigarry and Rubha nam Bràithrean (NG 5262); and inland to the corresponding summit of the Trotternish Ridge; has been identified as a National Scenic Area. A broad coastal strip running north to south from Rigg (NG 5256) to Am Bile (NG 5044) is a geological SSSI.


Lealt River (NG 5060 & 5160) and Kilmartin (NG 4863 & 4868) are the most important of the few rivers. There are several lochs in Staffin. The three outstanding ones are Loch Mealt (NG 5064 & 5065), Loch Cuithir (NG 4759) and Loch Fada (NG 4948 & 4949). Woodland is generally sparse, but good where it occurs: Bearreraig Bay (NG 5152), Lealt River (NG 5060 & 5260), Rubha Garbhaig (NG 490686 /499681), Dun Dubh and Druim an Ruma (NG 4466)

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Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Enjoy, Respect and Protect

Take personal responsibility for your own actions.

Take your litter home.
against all risk of fire.
all gates as you find them.
dogs under proper control.
access routes, gates and stiles responsibly.
the property and interests of others.
preserve the environment and keep water clean.
no unnecessary noise.


Rannsaich Staffin