Whales perish in Staffin Bay

SEVERAL whales have sadly died after being beached in Staffin, despite the efforts of rescuers.

The long-finned pilot whales, part of a pod of more than 20 which arrived in Staffin on Monday, had got into severe difficulties in the bay.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue has been tending to the animals with locals also helping. A large crowd had gathered at Brogaig but were kept away from the whales to avoid the rick of infection.hey were refloated but beached again at Stenscholl Island.

Environment secretary Richard Lochhead MSP said: “I am very concerned to hear about this stranding of pilot whales on Skye. Marine Scotland and BDMLR are currently working hard to alleviate the situation.

“We have a patrol vessel and other staff on site and I am being kept informed of the situation. Sadly it appears that some of the whales have already died and the situation is becoming increasingly difficult as the outgoing tide is leaving the stranded animals out of the water.”

It comes more than 20 years after a minke whale died at the Slipway after becoming stranded.