Trotternish pupils rise to the occasion at Skye Mòd

STAFFIN and Kilmuir pupils performed to a high standard at the 2017 Skye Provincial Mòd.

The youngsters from Bun Sgoil Stafainn and Bun Sgoil Cille Mhoire were among the medalists at the annual event in Portree, which is often seen as an excellent chance for the pupils to hone their talent and use it as a springboard and vital warm up for the Royal National Mod in October. The Clann Throndairnis Choir, pupils from both Staffin and Kilmuir under the direction of Kirsteen Graham won the Unison Choir and Puirt-a-beul competitons.

The successful Clann Throndairnis Choir.

Former pupils from the two schools, who now attend Portree High School, also excelled in the competition. Most of the results are below, with the primary pupils from Staffin and Kilmuir highlighted. Pictures by Karen Campbell.

Mòd Ionadail an Eilein Sgitheanaich 2017


Precenting (Mòd committee) Beth Chaimbeul, Cille Mhoire; Precenting (Mr & Mrs J. Budge) Freddie Wallwork, Stafainn; Nicol Campbell (Under 14 most points) Archie MacLean, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh; Murdo MacDonald Memorial (Gàidhlig Air) Jonathan Beaton, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh; Gàidhlig Society of London (March) Katrina Martin, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh; Most points (under 18) Jonathan Beaton, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh; Iain (Cordovox) MacDonald (accordion) Emily Matheson, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh; Most promising clàrsach player Anna Varwell, Cille Mhoire; Tongadale (advanced violin) Kathleen NicDhòmhnaill, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh; Urras Baile Fhlòdaigearraidh (Luadh) Clann Thròndairnis; Runrig (Folk group) Cuir nan Car (Tròndairnis); Oban Rosebowl (English Unit/school with most points) Raasay Primary; Fiddle group (Primary) Elgol Primary;

P1-3 Verse Speaking Clas 1-3, Cille Mhoire;P4-7 Verse Speaking Bun-sgoil Stafainn;P1-3 Action song Bun-sgoil Shlèite, clas 1-3; P4-7 Action song Bun-sgoil Chille Mhoire; Choir Clann Thròndairnis; Ross Gillies Memorial (highest individual music points in singing, primary); Eva MacCaskill, Bun-sgoil Phortrìgh; Most points in oral competitions: Bun-sgoil Chille Mhoire; The McKeeve Trophy (Open Solo): Stuart Jackson;

Skye Mod Committee Trophy (Skye song): Stuart Jackson; Sir Iain Noble shield (primary traditional): Girls – Beth Chaimbeul, Cille Mhoire & Boys – John Varwell, Cille Mhoire; Urras an Eilein Quaich (aggregate prescribed solo and traditional): Erin Nic’Illiosa, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh; Silver medal (girls age 13-15 fluent) Erin Nic’Illiosa, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh; Silver medal (girls age 13-15 learners) Mia Mutch, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh; Chanter (under 1 year); 1. Calum MacKenzie, Portrìgh 2. Beth NicDhòmhnaill, Portrìgh 3. Bethany MacIntosh,Elgol Primary Chanter (Over 1 year): 1 Angus MacKinnon, Slèite 2 Seonaidh Alex Macleod, Macdiarmid Primary 3 Brook Lamond, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Gàidhlig Air: 1 Jonathan Beaton, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh, 2 Dougal McKiggan, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh, 3 Archie MacLean, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh March (under 14) 1.Archie MacLean, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh, 2 Sara Jayne Edmondson, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 3. Rachel Henderson, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Strathspey & Reel (under 14) 1 Archie MacLean, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2 Declan Malloy, Sgoil Stafainn 3 Sara Jayne Edmundson, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh March (under 18) 1. Katrina Martin, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2 Gilleasbuig MacVicar, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 3 Dougal McKiggan, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Strathspey & Reel (under 18) 1. Katrina Martin, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2 Gilleasbuig MacVicar, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 3 Jonathan Beaton, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh

Jig (open) 1.Jonathan Beaton, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2. Archie MacLean,Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 3. Gilleasbuig MacVicar, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Reading of Psalm (P4/5) 1 Eòghann Caimbeul, Cille Mhoire 2 Anna Varwell, Cille MhoireReading of Psalm P6/7 fluent) 1. Beth Chaimbeul, Cille Mhoire 2. Ellen NicIomhair, Stafainn 3= John Varwell, Cille Mhoire & Lexy NicLeòid, Stafainn, Bible reading S1-2: 1. Seumas Caimbeul, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2. Erin Nic’Illiosa, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Primary Precenting: 1. Beth Chaimbeul, Cille Mhoire 2. Ellen NicIomhair, Stafainn 3. John Varwell, Cille Mhoire Secondary precenting: 1. Erin Nic’Illiosa, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2. Seumas Caimbeul, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 3. Mhàiri Gillies, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Violin (beginners) 1.Finlay James, Portrìgh 2 Tilly Ng 3 Amy Robertson Violin (intermediate) 1. Lucy Livingstone, Broadford 2 Iona MacMath, Portree 3 Annie Wilson, Broadford

Staffin and Kilmuir pupils: missing is Willow Ferguson.

Violin (advanced) 1 Kathleen NicDhòmhnaill, Ard-sgoil Phòrtrigh 2 Mia MacGillivray, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 3 Rona Stewart, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Fiddle groups (primary) 1 Skye Stringlets, Elgol Clàrsach (beginners) 1 Anna Varwell, Cille Mhoire 2 Caramarie MacCalman, Slèite Clàrsach (intermediate) 1 Isy MacLean, Edinbane 2.Erin NicIlliosa, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 3.Mia Mutch, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Accordion (beginners) 1 Calum MacCoinnich, Portrìgh 2 Maeve MacGillivray, Slèite 3 Emma Chaimbeul, Cille Mhoire Accordion (intermediate)1 Chloe MacAskill, Portrìgh 2= Carmen NicAsgaill, Portrìgh & Innes MacNeil, Phortrìgh Accordion (advanced) 1. Emily Matheson Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2. Emily Matheson, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Keyboards (beginners) 1. Isabella Langlands, An Ath Leathann 2 Eubha Chaimbeul, Slèite 3. Catriona M MacKinnon, An Ath-leathann Keyboards (intermediate) 1.Lucy Livingstone, An Ath Leathann Keyboards (advanced) 1.Emily Matheson, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2. Isla NicLeòid, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Any other instrument (beginners): 1 Giacomo Fraser, Portrìgh 2 Catherine Robertson, Dunvegan 3. Daniel Warby, Dunvegan Any other instrument (intermediate): 1. Kathleen MacDonald, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2. Charlie Latton, Portrìgh 3. Joshua Turner,Portrìgh

Winner of traditional song competition was Kilmaluag’s Beth Campbell.

Any other instrument(advanced): 1. Elsa Galbraith, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2. Mhàiri Gillies, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 3. Rachel Shaw, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Recitation (fluent) Age 5/6 Girls1=.Lucy Henderson, Portrìgh & Lena Henderson, Cille Mhoire 2 Peigi NicFhearghuis, Portrìgh 3.Leah MacKinnon, Portrìgh Age 5/6 Boys 1. Logan MacKay, Cille Mhoire2. Lewis MacQueen, Cille Mhoire 3. Lachlan MacLeod, Stafainn Boys age 7 1. Seonaidh Forrest, Slèite 2 Calum Alasdair Rothach, Cille Mhoire 3.Finlay James, Portrìgh Girls age 8 1.Isla MacKay, Cille Mhoire 2.Catriona MacKinnon, Cille Mhoire 3= Lexi Nicolson, Cille Mhoire & Catriona MacKinnon, An Ath-leathann Age 9:1.Emma Chaimbeul, Cille Mhoire 2 Eoghann Caimbeul, Mhoire3= Willow NicFhearghuis, Stafainn & Màiri Smith Cille, An Ath-leathann Age 10 1. Evie Nic’Illiosa, Portrìgh 2. Miya van der Merwe, An Ath-leathann Age 11/12 Girls: 1= Beth Chaimbeul, Cille Mhoire & Lexy NicLeòid, Stafainn 2. Eubha Chaimbeul, Slèite 3 Caramarie MacCalman, Slèite Age 11/12 Boys: 1. John Varwell, Cille Mhoire Reading of unseen passage P4/5 Girls: 1 Anna Varwell, Cille Mhoire 2 Catriona MacKinnon, An Ath-leathann 3. Willow NicFhearghuis, StafainnP4/5 Boys: 1. Eòghann Caimbeul, Cille Mhoire P6/7 Girls: 1.Eubha Chaimbeul, Slèite 2.Emily NicDhòmhnaill, Slèite 3. Sadie Dhòmhnullach, Portrìgh P6/7 Boys: 1.Innes MacNeil, Portrìgh 2. John Varwell, Cille Mhoire S1/2 1.Seumas Caimbeul 2. Erin Nic’Illiosa 3=. Chrissie MacKinnon & Kathleen MacDonald Short dialogue P1/3 1. Nicco Guidi & Rory Turner, Portrìgh Age 9/10 1. Anna Varwell & Eòghann Caimbeul, Cille Mhoire 2 Joshua Turner & Charlie Latton, Portrìgh 3. Ellen NicAonghais & Louise Gate, Cille MhoireAge 11/12: 1. Ellen NicIomhair &Lexy NicLeòid, Stafainn 2. Sadie Dhòmhnallach & Evie Nic’Illiosa, Portrìgh 3. Beth Chaimbeul & John Varwell, Cille Mhoire S1/2: Kathleen NicDhòmhnaill & Erin Cille Mhoire Nic’Illiosa Sgeulachd P1/3 1. Peigi NicFhearghuis, Portrìgh Rory Turner, Portrìgh Age 9-12: 1. Lexy NicLeòid, Stafainn 2.Chrissie MacKinnon, PHS Short talk & Conversation P4/5 1. Eòghann Caimbeul, Cille Mhoire 2.Anna Varwell, Cille Mhoire 3 Màiri Smith, An Ath-leathann P6/7 1= Eubha Chaimbeul, Slèite & Beth Chaimbeul, Cille Mhoire 2= Sadie Dhòmhnallach, Portrìgh & Iona MacMath, Portrìgh 3 = Innes MacNeil, Portrìgh & John Varwell, Cille Mhoire S1/2: 1=. Kathleen MacDonald & Chrissie MacKinnon, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh

Beth Campbell and John Varwell, part of the action song group.

Verse speaking P1/3 1. Cille Mhoire 2 Clas 2-3 Portrìgh 3. Nigheanan clas 1-2 Stafainn P4/7 1. Stafainn 2.Portrìgh Clas 5 3. Cille Mhoire clas 6/7 Learners Recitation Age 5/6 1 Krista Nicolson, Broadford Age 7/8: 1. Nelly Blair, Raasay 2=. Ailish McLaughlin, Cille Mhoire & Thomas Gillies, Raasay 3. Kate MacKinnon, Age 9/10 1: Charlie MacKinnon, Cille Mhoire2. Neela Mutch, Cille Mhoire 3. Cailean Dunkel, Cille Mhoire Prescribed Song (fluent) GIRLS Age 5/6: 1 Peigi NicFhearghuis, Portrìgh 2 Caitlin Culbertson, Slèite 3= Siobhan Hunter & Màiri Anne MacKenzie, Portrìgh Age 7: 1. Daisy Maclean Mahon, Slèite 2. Eva MacCaskill, Portrìgh 3. Grace Pert, Portrìgh Age 8: 1.Marina MacRae, Slèite 2= Grace Anderson, An Ath-leathann & Jessica Miller, Slèite 3= Amy Mackinnon, Slèite & Catriona MacKinnon, An Ath-leathann Age 9: 1: Màiri Smith, An Ath-leathann 2=. Isabella Langlands, An Ath-leathann 3. Beth NicDhòmhnaill, Portrìgh Age 10: 1.Eva Peggy Mahon, Slèite 2. Carmen MacAskill, Portrìgh 3. Grace MacLaren, An Ath-leathann Age 11-12: 1. Elspeth Dibble, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2.Ellen NicIomhair, Stafainn 3. Emily NicDhòmhnaill, Slèite Age 13-15 (Silver medal): 1. Erin Nic’Illiosa, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2. Mhàiri Gillies, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh BOYS age 5/6: 1. Peter MacKinnon, An Ath-leathann 2. Hamish Turner, Portrìgh 3= Seumas MacDonald & Tormod MacLeòid, Portrìgh Age 7/8: 1.Finlay James, Portrìgh 2. Calum Alasdair Rothach, Cille Mhoire 3. Peter Martin, Portrìgh Age 8: 1.Caleb Phelps, Portrìgh 2 Iain Graham, Portrìgh 3= Rory Turner & Nico Guidi, Portrìgh Age 9/10 Boys: 1. Calum MacKenzie, Portrìgh 2. Eòghann Caimbeul, Cille Mhoire 3=. Finlay Breen, An Ath-leathann & Joshua Turner, Portrìgh, Prescribed Learners Boys age 5-6: 1. Daniel Flyn, Slèite

Girls Age 11/12 1. Kizzy MacLeod, Portree 2. Louise Budge, Portree 3. Lucy Speed, Portree Primary Age 13-15 (Silver medal): 1. Mia Mutch, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh

Traditional Primary (Girls): 1. Beth Chaimbeul, Cille Mhoire 2. Emily NicDhòmhnaill, Slèite 3. Evie Nic’Illiosa, Portrìgh Traditional Primary (Boys): 1.John Varwell, Cille Mhoire2. Eòghann Caimbeul, Cille Mhoire 3. Calum MacCoinnich, Portrìgh Traditional Secondary 1. Seumas Caimbeul, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 2 Kathleen NicDhòmhnaill, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh 3. Erin Nic’Illiosa, Ard-sgoil Phortrìgh Choral (Unison) 1. Clann Thròndairnis 2. Còisir an Ath-leathann 3. Slèite Choral Puirt a Beul: Clann Thròndairnis Action Song P1/3 1. Slèite 2. Portrìgh GM1 3. Portrìgh GM2/3 P4/7 1.Cille Mhoire 2 Portrìgh 3. Slèite Luadh 1. Clann Thròndairnis younger Folk Group (primary) 1. Cuir nan Car (Tròndairnis) 2=. Portrìgh A 3.= Portrìgh B & Clann Thròndairnis older