Ton-up: Staffin Community Trust reaches 100 members!

ONE HUNDRED people are now members of Staffin Community Trust (SCT), almost 1 in 5 of the resident population.

The milestone was reached recently and SCT’s chairman believes the growing membership is testament to the local support and encouragement from the district.

Urras an Taobh Sear – Staffin Community Trust was set up to represent everybody who lives within the community of Staffin and to develop projects which are beneficial to the social and economic welfare of the district.

Some of the current SCT board directors.

A member requires to support the work of the SCT in principle but does not require to attend monthly meetings unless they serve as a director on the board. At the SCT’s AGM in September the Articles of Association were changed to allow teenagers over the age of 16 to join. It had previously been set at the age limit of 18.

SCT chairman Sandy Ogilvie said he and the board of directors were absolutely delighted to have a growing membership of all ages from across the community. “It is very pleasing that people are interested and supportive in Staffin and the work that SCT does,” he said. “SCT is governed by a volunteer board of directors who have the best interests of the district at heart and work hard to keep the community updated and fully involved in the projects.

“Having a supportive, interested and participating membership gives everybody a boost as SCT tries to progress its key projects like the housing development, the Ecomuseum, Storr and Slipway. We’d like to grow that membership further and aim for 200 members by this time next year!”

In order to secure funding for the SCT’s various projects it must have a membership drawn from the community. SCT would like to have as many Staffin people, or those with strong links to the district, join as members as possible – and it is very straightforward, and quick.