The ‘Weatherbomb’ hits Staffin…

STAFFIN, like the rest of the west Highlands, has been battered by gales and heavy rain in a period of weather dubbed a “weatherbomb”.

Both the Kilmartin and Brogaig rivers were deluged with water, while drains and other watercourses were struggling to cope with the volume of rain, and overflowed in some areas. Two cargo vessels were anchored near to the Slipway presumably seeking shelter.

A flood alert warning of coastal flooding in Skye was issued by the Scottish Environment and Protection Agency. The weather also saw Portree High School shut on Tuesday (10.12). There was mounting speculation that the Skye Bridge would be shut to all traffic by the roads authorities on Wednesday because of the high winds.

The government agency said “very high” waves and a surge were expected from Tuesday onwards. A warning was also issued about the threat of a wave “overtopping”, particularly during periods of high tide.

Ferry services in Uig to the Western Isles were also cancelled. The Met Office issued an amber “prepared” warning. Police Scotland warned the public to be vigilant after storm-force winds with gusts of up to 70mph, with the gales expected to last until Thursday morning. There is a risk of some structural damage and residents are reminded to secure any outside items such as garden furniture and children’s play equipment, like trampolines. Click on the pictures below to see them in a larger window.