The Staffin roar sparks tug ‘o war games glory!

STAFFIN’S warrior women say the roar of their supporters provided the spark for their aching limbs, as they reclaimed the coveted tug o’war 2015 title at the Skye Games.
The island’s most decorated tug o’war team ever – having won 11 championships at The Lump in a row – had failed to hold on to the crown in the last two years, as the Portree Bootcamp team took the silverware.
However, the fighting spirit in the Trotternish squad, and a tough pre-games build up, which saw them take on Staffin’s fire brigade and footballers in training pulls and adhere to a strict diet designed to give the team extra brawn, paid off in spectacular fashion.
The Staffin ladies took on the Bootcampers in a tense showdown in damp underfoot conditions on Wednesday. Team captain Maggie Ross said the atmosphere created by the Staffin supporters in the intimidating arena helped her weary troops power their way to victory.
“We are proud and delighted to have won our title back,” she said. “The ladies put in a tremendous effort cheered on by a roaring crowd, the people of Staffin must have heard them back home.
“The pressure was on us on the day, but we were determined to bring the trophy home. The first pull was a tough one but we gritted our teeth and soon had it in the bag. Pull two didn’t go our way so we knew we had it all to do for the last pull.”
Cometh the hour, cometh the Staffin women…
The final deciding pull saw the Staffin team dig deep and respond in time honoured fashion. “The ladies dug in and we heaved with all our might, and victory was ours!” said Maggie.
In the build up the squad had taken specialist nutritionist advice from sports scientist experts and were advised that several Taobh Sear culinary staples should be on the menu.

Maggie added: “We were so glad we trained hard and stuck to our diet. Brose in the morning, herring, mackerel and the best home-reared mutton we could source. However, the ban on chocolate was really tough for a few of the girls, myself included!”

In a glorious games day for the north end of Skye, the Kilmuir men were also victorious in the male contest. The Staffin teamwant to register their thanks to the Staffin firemen and football boys who had practice pulls with them andto their coach, James “Tornado” MacDonald.
“We would also like to pay special thanks to our supporters, young and old, who gave us that extra lift when our limbs were aching,” said Maggie. “Roll on next year!”