The Quiraing to Cannes: Staffin at the movies again!

STAFFIN is poised to get a Hollywood-sparked economic boost with a new movie – filmed in the Quiraing – hotly tipped for award success.

The glitterati have pitched up the 2015 Cannes Film Festival where a new adaptation of “MacBeth”, starring Michael Fassbender, is one of 19 contenders for the top prize, the coveted Palme d’Or.

It is the most prestigious film award around – apart from the Oscars – so the £25million film, which was shot in the Quiraing in February last year and other parts of Skye and used dozens of local extras, could be a smash hit at the box office if it wins.

And that could have a positive knock-on effect for Staffin with the community’s world class scenery being beamed – not for the first time – into cinema screens across the globe, with one tourism boss predicting an influx of “set-jetting” visitors.

Visit Scotland’s chairman Mike Cantlay has said that there is now a huge appetite for fans of hit films and TV show, such as the Bond film “Skyfall” and “Outlander, to visit the locations seen on screen, which has been dubbed set-jetting. Mr Cantlay said there “no doubt” that Skye’s appearance in “Macbeth” was going to be “a good thing”.

The Quiraing: setting for Macbeth.

The Quiraing: setting for Macbeth.

The “Macbeth” director Iain Canning said last year that it had been “crucial” to shoot scenes in Staffin because of the district’s unique landscape. Several big-budget Hollywood films, which have grossed multi-million pound box office takings on release, have been shot in Staffin, as have major television programmes and commercials over the years. Films such as “Promethus” and “Stardust” and it is also rumoured that the new “Star Wars” film was partly shot in the area. The stars and their crews’ presence is generally welcomed for the exposure Staffin receives in national and international promotion, which can encourage people to visit the community. The Quiraing, the Old Man of Storr, Trotternish Ridge, Lealt Gorge, Kilt Rock and Staffin Beach are landmarks visited by thousands of people every year and feature in the Staffin Trust’s hugely successful ecomuseum.