The Co-Chomunn Stafainn story from 35 years ago

AN OLD newsletter first printed in the early 1980s during the construction of Staffin Hall – the Co-Chomunn – has provided a snapshot of the community’s efforts into delivering the ambitious project. ‘Mac-Talla’ was printed just before Christmas in 1982 to update Staffin residents about progress of the district’s new village hall, which included a shop, restaurant, crafts outlet and toilets.

It was a key period in the Co-Chomunn’s history, as Staffin led the way in Skye in coming together to form a community co-operative. The newsletter highlighted how wet weather had affected the building’s construction, the football club’s search for a permanent home, the youth club concerns about morale, the craft business, staff opportunities and Staffin’s appearance in a BBC television programme broadcast throughout the UK. To find out more click on the SCT’s website’s local history section: