Take The Floor: New Staffin Gym programme features exercise based on dancefloor

A REVAMPED programme of classes – which includes exercise based on a night out – are now running at the Staffin Gym.

Instructors Sam Crowe and Anna MacDonald lead a range of classes at the community gym for five days in the week, between Monday and Saturday.

One of the new classes is Club Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training) which mixes up a night club dance floor with exercise. Don’t let the name put you off as everybody can go at their own pace and there is plenty of support and encouragement from the instructors and class participants. All ages, and genders, are very welcome.

If there are any holidaymakers to Staffin who want to avoid the rain we get occasionally and attend the gym and/or the classes, please feel free to do so. The timetable and details of the classes are below. The gym is based upstairs in Staffin Community Hall. Opening times are 6am to 10pm daily.

Staffin Gym’s Sam Crowe and Anna MacDonald.

Contact details: Phone Sam Crowe on 07766 081 258 or e-mail skyecrowes@gmail.com http://staffin-trust.co.uk/leisure

Membership only cost £10 per person for a month (yearly £98) and £15 for a couple/family membership (yearly £148).

A guest or day pass is £5, or just £10 for a week. The gym is open to all visitors to Staffin throughout the year.



Fatburn Extreme:20 minutes of bodyweight exercises, arms, tummy and legs-short but tough (on-going £3.50 a class)

New look Abs:30-mins class aimed at strengthening abs to support body posture and to provide toning to the tummy area (on-going £3.50 a class or £1.50 if tagging this onto the class

All Abilities Boot Camp: Get out, get dirty, have fun, work at your level – but work hard! (6-week block starts 12th August £20 or £3.50 a class

Beginners Dance Cardio: Dance your way to fitness with Anna’s dance class. 4-week block starting 31/7/17 (£15 for 4 weeks or £4.50 a class)

Club Hiit: 30-minute class combining the experience of a night out with High Intensity interval training. (6-week block starting 1/8/17 £20 or £3.50 a class)