Storr surveys now dropping into Staffin letterboxes

SURVEYS asking Staffin residents and businesses for their views on potential improvements at the Old Man of Storr are now landing in Taobh Sear letterboxes.

Several Staffin Community Trust (SCT) directors are hand delivering the surveys to every household across the district in a major consultation about the project. The community is being asked to support an aspiration to manage a visitor site at the foot of the Storr.

The Staffin Community Trust (SCT) has been in talks with Highland Council – which owns an 82-hectare site from the Storr’s roadside upwards – about improving the visitor experience at the location, which attracts people from all over the world. This could involve a new off-road main car park, toilets, interpretation and refreshment kiosk.

The road to the Storr.

The road to the Storr.

Each survey takes only five minutes to answer and names and addresses are not required. It is being delivered to every household in the Staffin Community Council area. The survey come with a stamped addressed envelope and the deadline for responses is Friday, November 27. There are 280 households and businesses in Staffin, inclusive of holiday homes which takes it to 300. The SCT would be grateful if everybody make an effort to return the surveys so that all views can be heard. Residents who are have a home in Staffin but work away have been sent the survey via e-mail. If you have not received the e-mail or have had it delivered to your home by the start of next week please contact SCT development officer Hugh Ross on 01470 562 464 or e-mail

SCT has been in discussions with the council regarding the purchase or lease of the land (or part of) for the community benefit of Staffin. SCT believes it is a fantastic opportunity for the community to have a direct involvement at the site, potentially creating local employment and marketing Staffin and its local businesses far more strongly. The SCT views the Storr as a vital entry point and economic driver to Staffin for shops, cafes, accommodation providers and other key businesses. More than 100,000 people have already visited the Storr this year and traffic surveys carried out by the council have recorded that approximately 70% of that total continue north on the A855 road to Staffin,