Staffin’s outdoor Gaelic course returns

A POPULAR outdoor Gaelic course in Staffin is set to return this summer.

The Staffin Community Trust hosts Gaelic broadcaster Roddy MacLean’s course Àrainneachd, Cànan is Dualchas in June and August.

The 10-day Gaelic in the environment course is aimed at fluent Gaelic speakers and advanced learners. This year it is offered in two five-day blocks and is suitable for countryside rangers, teachers, people employed in heritage and tourism in Scotland and beyond. It is supported byBòrd na Gàidhlig.

Students learn to recognise plants and animals by their Gaelic names, and in their natural habitats. They learn about ecology, and about traditional uses and folklore associated with native species. They also receive instruction in how to recognise and interpret fossils in an area famous for its fossil heritage. They are encouraged to pass on their knowledge to others – both Gaelic and non-Gaelic speakers – and to consider how it can be applied in education and cultural tourism. Some of the content is delivered in a classroom setting but daily excursions are made to a variety of habitats to see native species in their natural settings. Students have attended from all over Scotland and Nova Scotia.

Cùrsa mu nàdar is àrainneachd na h-Alba tro shùilean, agus tro chànan, nan Gàidheal. Chan fhaighear a leithid de chùrsa ann an àite sam bith eile! Air a chumail ann an Stafainn, ceann a tuath an Eilein Sgitheanaich.


Participants during last year’s Staffin course

Air a theagasg le Ruairidh MacIlleathain, le taic bho Dhùghall Ros agus Sìne Ghilleasbuig. Òraidean ann an Columba 1400, le cuairt gach latha gu caochladh àrainnean. Feumail do mhaoir-dhùthcha, luchd-iùil, tidsearan, luchd-ealain, luchd-saidheans, muinntir na turasachd agus duine sam bith aig a bheil ùidh ann an dualchas is beul-aithris nan Gàidheal. Diluain 15 gu Dihaoine 19 Ògmhios 2015 – ‘Croit, Coille, Monadh is Boglach’. Diluain 3 gu Dihaoine 7 Lùnastal 2015 – ‘Cladach, Croit & Coille’.

Further information from Staffin Trust director Sìne Ghilleasbuig at