Staffin stalwarts step down: new members needed!

SIX members of the eight-strong Staffin Community Council have indicated that they will step down this autumn, sparking a need for new people to stand for election.

The group of community councillors are steeping down for a variety of reasons having given excellent service to the Staffin community over some years.

The community council is a vital statutory body as it allows local residents to act and speak out on behalf if their district. Their specific role can vary according to the area’s needs. In Staffin the community council has taken a close interest and involvement in the Save Portree Hospital campaign, improvements at the Staffin Surgery, the ambulance service, road and general amenity improvements and supported a range of local events and organisations. They attend monthly meetings at Staffin Primary School.

New blood needed for Staffin Community Council.

New blood needed for Staffin Community Council.

Each Community Council must hold an election at least once every four years, giving new members the opportunity to join. Highland Council is running the Staffin Community Council election. Anyone can become a member of Staffin Community Council provided they are over 16 years old, live within the district and are on the electoral register.

If you wish to become a community councillor you can nominate yourself when there is an election. An election will not be held if the number of people nominated is less than the number of members allowed on the Community Council. The notice of Election for Candidates wishing to serve their local Community Council’s in the Highlands for the next four years will be published on Monday, 21 September 2015 and Nomination Forms will be published on