Staffin residents and businesses invited to register superfast broadband interest
RESIDENTS and businesses in the Taobh Sear are being invited to express an interest in securing superfast broaband.
The North Skye Broadband company was officially launched last month and is supported by HIE and Community Broadband Scotland. It is made up of volunteers representing various communities on a steering group with a full-time project officer now in post. The company’s objective is to provide superfast broadband in the areas where BT will not reach.
In Staffin, BT is scheduled to provide a superfast broadband service this year. That is likely to cover the properties closest to the exchange, which is near the school, so the Avenue, Glebe, Garafad, Clachan and Stenscholl etc should be able to access it.
However, the townships outwith that central Staffin area – to the north and south of the district – may miss out as it gets much slower the further a property is away from the exchange.
It is understood that townships like Tote, Lealt, Culnacnoc, Breckery, Valtos, Ellishadder, Gearos, Marrishadder, Maligar, Digg and Flodigarry are unlikely to access superfast. North Skye Broadband is looking to plug the gap. There is a meeting in Staffin Hall on Monday April 4 from 7.30pm when North Skye Broadband will provide further information on its next steps. Poster is below.
Staffin Hall is venue.

Staffin Hall is venue.

Ahead of that date, the company has asked that local residents and businesses in Staffin register an interest in the proposed new service. There is no absolutely commitment at this stage, this is simply being done by the company to gauge the potential interest in Staffin and other communities.
Click on this link if you would like to do so: information about the company is here the project officer Elgar Finlay can answer any questions you may have.