Staffin Ladies leave altitude camp and eye Games Glory

COMETH the hour, cometh the Staffin Women…

Turn off the World Athletics Championships.

The real athletes will converge at The Lump on Wednesday afternoon for the sporting spectacle of the year – the Staffin Ladies heading into tug o’war battle at the Games.

The legendary Staffin Ladies – the island’s most successful tug o’war team of all time, having won the crown on 11 occasions, are psychologically and physically ready to once again take on all comers in the Portree arena.

Team captain Maggie Ross said her squad were in peak fitness following a month of high altitude training in Nepal, which was augmented by parcels of Aultbea marag from Staffin Stores and lashings of Mr Whippy from MacKenzie Stores.

Staffin Ladies in Games Action.

The team also had a pre-games”friendly” in Nepal against a team of Gurkhas. Unfortunately, the warm-up descended into chaos as the Staffin ladies lost their discipline, amidst some alleged verbals from the opposition, and a dust up swiftly ensured. The match was abandoned. Ross offered a terse “no comment” on reports three of her team were red-carded and could be suspended for the Skye Games.

“I didn’t see anything,” said the wily Ellishadder-based skipper. “We will have our brose, conger eel and Lucozade on the summit of Beinn Edra on Games morning and hike our way into Portree so we get a wee warm up. We are in peak shape and have our Games Faces on, we’re looking forward to hearing the Staffin supporters in the Lump tomorrow!”