Staffin holds global web appeal!

VISITORS from every continent in the world have logged on to check out the new Staffin Trust website in the first month since it went live.

The Trust has been delighted by the huge amount of interest in Staffin and its economic projects, with almost 2,000 page views since the site went live.

More than 550 different people have clicked on and spent an of average more than two minutes visiting the site.

Of that stream of heavy website traffic, 90 per cent of people live in the UK.

The USA, Canada and Australia, respectively, are home to our next largest number of visitors.

Visitors from countries Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia have also enjoyed the site, according to Google Analytics.

More than 60 per cent of our visitors also return to the website after an initial look so we must be doing something right!

But the Trust is not resting on its laurels and is working hard on developing a Staffin Business directory, promoting events in the community and providing information on how people can join as members. Stay tuned for updates.

If anybody has any comments or ideas for the website please drop a line to development officer Hugh Ross by e-mail