IT was a tumultuous 2020 during which references to 'social distancing', 'unprecedented', 'furlough' and 'Zooming' became part of everyday conversation.

It was a tough year for families and businesses across Staffin and Skye, but the strength of the communities across An-t Eilean Sgitheanach was quite something to behold.

Staffin Community Trust / Urras an Taobh Sear wishes everybody a very happy and healthy 2021, as we take a pictorial look back at a year like no other. Bliadhna mhath ùr.

NO FLY ZONE: Drone owners were politely asked to ground their flying machines to protect nesting birds in the Kilt Rock area.
MUDFARE: Staffin Community Trust and Rabbies teamed up again with bus drivers & staff working to repair the Columba 1400 / Garafad path.
SIGN OFF: The new bilingual Druim nan Linntean /Skye Ecomuseum interpretation signage was unveiled across the district. SCT's Sine Gillespie, Maoilios Campbell and contractor Brian Irving are pictured at Loch Langaig.
REMEMBERED: Arizona's Doug Overfield, a cousin of Paul Overfield Jnr, the pilot of the Flying Fortress which fatally struck Beinn Edra 75 years ago, addresses the commemoration event at Staffin War Memorial.
AWARD: The West Highland Free Press carried the news that SCT had secured a £969,000 grant from the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund to help with £3m redevelopment of the Slipway. SCT looking to progress project in 2021.
LOCKDOWN: the sun shone on Staffin for several weeks including during lambing as the impact of the Corona virus pandemic saw the country effectively shutdown. Staffin's tourism industry was badly impacted upon.
QUIET: A deserted Staffin beach in May before the Lockdown was eased.
HELP: The Staffin Helpers opened the Trotternish Kindness Container at the Staffin Campsite to help households facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. It later moved to beside Staffin Hall.
GREAT STAFFIN BAKE OFF: And every Saturday the Helpers would deliver home baking from its small army of bakers.
GRATITUDE: thank you cards given to Staffin shop staff post-Lockdown. The community was indebted to both local shops, Staffin Stores and MacKenzie Stores, for the first-class service provided - which was above and beyond the normal - during very worrying and uncertain times. The efforts of the Brogaig Post Office and our posties was also much appreciated.

BEACHED: West coast communities were frustrated post-Lockdown at the amount of rubbish and debris left by campers. Staffin Community Council got support from newly-elected Highland councillor Calum Munro and MSP Kate Forbes to get the anti-litter message hammered home to visitors.
TURF OFF: A historic day as local MSP Kate Forbes helps dig the first turf at the long-awaited Affordable Housing, Health & Business Development. SCT finally got the green light to make a start with contractor James MacQueen Builders on site in August for the £1.6million development. It took SCT and its partners six years to get to this point.

FAREWELL: Staffin Community Trust vacated its Portakabin office after almost 10 years.
HELLO: SCT moved only several strides to a new office within the Church of Scotland.
CLEAN: the new beach cleaning station at Brogaig had been a hit with locals determined to keep shoreline tidy. Highland Council helpfully emptied the station in autumn.
NAMING: Stenscholl's two Iain MacDonalds getting their photograph taken at the housing site by Willie Urquhart of the WHFP, as the community is asked to come up with a name for the new development.
SNAPSHOT: As the house kits go up, here's how the new development sits in the landscape.
ALL WHITE: The Skye Ecomuseum's new gateway panel at the Storr Lochs looking festive as 2020 nears an end.