Staffin biz page makes perfect scents!

AS the final furlong of Christmas shopping approaches, another popular Staffin business has gone “live” on the district’s website.

And Skyelight Candles knew it made perfect scents to be featured on the Staffin Trust website, which launched its new Business Directory earlier this month.

Chief candle-creators Nick Wakeham and Kevin Topping who have made their name through innovative and hand-made products, which include heather and peat-scented candles, are the second local firm to appear on the listings page after The Wee Quilter.

Have a look at

Bright sea blue: Staffin Bay candles.

Bright sea blue: Staffin Bay candles.

Both appear on the Small Businesses/Trades section but watch out for the Shops, B&Bs, Food & Drink pages which will be getting added to in the coming weeks.

Since November 15, there have been 3,265 page views of the website and 858 different people, from all over the world, have logged on to

Out of that total, more than 52 per cent, are returning to the website, proof that they find the content of interest.

If anybody wants to have their business featured on the site, for an annual £20 fee, please contact the Trust’s development officer Hugh Ross on 01470 562 464 or e-mail