Speak Gaelic, live in Trotternish and eat kale for breakfast? TV is calling!

GAELIC speakers in Trotternish who are fond of duileasg, partial to nettle soup or avoid food which plays havoc with their well-being are invited to take part in a new TV programme.

Researchers are looking for local residents who have a different approach to their diets – compared to the general population – to interview next month for a BBC Alba series. It may be somebody who is trying out so-called super foods as part of a health and fitness regime or a man who has had to go gluten-free recently, or somebody who loves feasting on pickings from the wild.

The name of the show is Biadh gu Beath (Food for Life) which is part of the Trusadh series. The production company Mac TV is looking to film some local Gaelic-speakers who have an interest in using food for health benefits – especially if they suffer from a particular condition that they feel changing their diet helps with. Or it could be that certain foodstuff are avoided at all times because of specific health conditions they have. Anyone who uses natural local ingredientsor eat large quantities of shellfish, game etc would be of interest as well.

Filming will be in April and Mac TV need to know who would be available by March 24. If you are interested please contact Shona MacLellan at Mac TV on 01851 707088 or 07788259758