Skye pupils document Latin American adventure

“If someone gave me the chance I could write a book on my experiences.”

Six Portree High School students from all over Skye spent 17 days in Costa Rica this summer through a EU-LAC-Museums exchange programme. Andrew Whitehead from Digg took part having part funded the trip using money raised at soup and pudding event at the Kilmartin in Spring 2017. This project part of continuing international EU funded youth exchange programme between Latin America and Europe, led by the University of St Andrews. Ceumannan, The Skye Ecomuseum, was identified as a partner due to its similarities to eco led museum projects in Costa Rica and Portugal.

Recently these students shared their experiences to a full house of fellow pupils in Portree. Their enthusiasm for their experience was obvious and they kept the audience enthralled for the whole presentation. They had evidently gained a huge amount for their experience and returned home with a new confidence that will influence them in the future.

With support from the Staffin Community Trust, The Aros Centre and Comunn na Gàidhlig this project will continue into 2018. Costa Rican students will come to Staffin and Skye to visit their Scottish counterparts and plans are being made with students from Portugal also visited Costa Rica.

“I left with friends and came back with best friends”

If you are interested in hearing more from the students and about the project there is a blog available at:

The project is coordinated by School of Art History and Museum and Gallery Studies in the University of St Andrews. In Scotland, this project is supported by Staffin Community Trust, the Aros Centre Portree and Comunn na Gàidhlig. Sìne Ghilleasbuig and Donald MacDonald have been a tremendous support helping to set up and establish the youth project.