Repair of historic Staffin church

Renovation of Church of Scotland now complete

Staffin Church of Scotland is a listed building which needed considerable renovation work and this was completed satisfactorily with the input of our chosen building firm, professional advisers and the small team that organised the project. We also worked in collaboration with Staffin Community Trust to research, organise and create interpretative materials which celebrate the heritage of the church building and the community. Funding for this came from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Kilmuir and Stencholl Church of Scotland as it is today

The church now has modern facilities which enhance its use as a public place of worship and the project allows the building to offer multi-purpose uses. For example, Staffin Community Trust occupy an office within the building and the general space can now be used for other activities such as exhibitions and conferences.

The building offers modern audio visual services which are already used regularly despite the limitations created by the Covid 19 pandemic. Columba 1400 have reiterated their wish to use the facilities when their organisation returns to normal.

In 2020, the church was renovated and now offers information on local history. It is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Church services are advertised on the Facebook page, linked below.

Parish Church is situated in the district of Staffin in north Skye. The church building, along with a manse, dates from 1828-9, and was one of the Parliamentary churches designed by Thomas Telford. The land was owned at the time by Lord Macdonald but he gave up his entitlement to part of the area known as Gearrighfada (now Garafad) and the church, manse and glebe land were built.

In 1981 the parish of Stenscholl was united with the neighbouring parish of Kilmuir and the church is now known as Kilmuir and Stenscholl Church of Scotland.