Production company makes welcome boost to SCT coffers

A PRODUCTION company which regularly promotes the Taobh Sear’s unique scenery has made a donation to Staffin Community Trust following a recent shoot.

Edinburgh-based LS Productions, which is the UK’s largest stills and motion service, has donated £100 towards SCT’s project work.

LS is a regular visitor to Staffin and the Storr and Quiraing feature heavily in its website.The company works on big advertising and filing campaigns for a range of companies and brands and was recently at Loch Mealt, Ellishadder, which is near the Kilt Rock.

Earlier this year Staffin featured heavily in a new Volvo advert while who can forget the online campaign featuring the “flying sheep” at the Quiraing last summer…

That advert promoted the travel search engine KAYAK’s new app. It was a four-day shoot in Staffin with 100 Cheviots “in costume”, one black sheep and a goat.

LS was interested to learn about SCT’s range of projects which are focused on creating employment in Staffn and improving the economy improving the community’s long term sustainability and securing a regular income for he community.


Amy Morement, the company’s location manager, said she was pleased the donation would be put to good use.

“We spent a week filming on Skye and heard that the Trust looked after interests in the area so wanted to donate some money as a thank you for having such a wonderful shoot and for everyone we encountered being so accommodating,” she said. “We hope to be back on Skye soon. Edinburgh is of course beautiful but nothing quite compares to a sunrise on Skye!”

If any organisation or individual would like to make a donation to SCT don’t hesitate to get in touch via or 01470 562 464.

More information on SCT and its work can be read here: