Police host terrorism event in Staffin

A POLICE sergeant is to carry out a counter terrorism presentation in Staffin next week and local residents are invited.

Portree-based Bruce Crawford of Police Scotland is hosting the event at Columba 1400 on Thursday, October 8 and believes it will be an eye-opener for attendees.

Sergeant Crawford said it was part of his job to raise awareness of counter terrorism in Skye. “In addition to my normal duties on the Island I am also the Local Counter Terrorism Liaison Officer and part of this role involves liaising with members of the community and community groups to raise awareness of counter terrorism matters,” he said. “Whilst this may not be the first thing that comes to mind as being an issue for residents of Skye there are some interesting stories that I can share with attendees which may change this view.

“The presentation is very interactive and feedback is generally very positive.”

This will be the first time that the presentation has been given to a mix of community groups in Skye.

If anybody is interested in attending the presentation, which starts at 7.30pm, please let Sergeant Crawford know by e-mailing Bruce.Crawford@Scotland.pnn.police.uk or phoning 101.