Next Staffin Community council meeting: 11.5.17

THE new Staffin Community Council meets for the second time next week after it was re-established earlier this year.

The community council will meet on Thursday, May 11 at 7pm in Staffin Primary School. A representative from Police Scotland will be in attendance, generally to discuss police matters but specifically in relation to dog fouling and littering. The members are Jen Shanks, Ann Marie Ferguson, Mairi MacDonald, Barbara Whitehead, Isobel MacDonald and Chisholm Campbell.

The community council is a statutory body which provides representation for all the residents living in the Staffin area. It allows Staffin residents to speak out on behalf of the community on a range of key issues which include transport, health services, general amenities, crime etc – everything which affect the day-to-day lives of the district.

In Staffin, the community council has been involved in the vital Save Portree Hospital campaign, much-needed improvements at the Staffin Surgery and ambulance service issues. Over the years the community council has supported a range of local events and organisations and is a statutory consultee on key planning applications in Staffin. Highland councillors, police officers and senior health staff attend their meetings.

More information about the community council and the members can be accessed via its new Facebook page