Musician to drive milk float to Staffin – from Norfolk!

A MUSICIAN is confident he has the bottle for an epic trip all the way from south England to Staffin – in a milk float.

Paul Thompson, whose unconventional form of transport boasts a top speed of 15mph, is eagerly anticipating his forthcoming 600-mile jaunt north to Staffin and insists it will not turn sour.

Paul, a singer-songwriter from Norfolk, intends to take the wheel of the milk float this summer and is eager to find some “inspiring settings” to play. The float also doubles up as his lighting source.

He is appealing for a Staffin venue, indoor or outdoors, at which he could perform during the Paul Thompson Beautiful Britain Tour 2015. Paul has already secured bookings at wildlife centres and festivals, arts centres, pubs, clubs and village halls.

“I’ll be travelling from Norfolk to the Outer Hebrides and Edinburgh Festival in a specially converted milk float that utilises solar panels to power my stage lighting and music gear,” said Paul. “As far as I know I’m the first solo musician ever to tour Britain in a milk float!

All aboard: Paul's milk float.

All aboard: Paul’s milk float.

The milk float goes about 10 – 15 mph so I’ll be on the road for 12 weeks. I wanted to think of an original way to do a tour to promote my new CD, and was keen to do something environmentally friendly. I also thought it would be an interesting way to travel, looking at the world from a different perspective, slowing down from the normal pace of life, and having time to appreciate the beautiful places I’ll be visiting.”

Paul said his music has been described as “blissed out Donovan meets John Martyn.”

“I can play outdoors, off-grid, or park my float and entertain indoors instead. I use a loop box (think Ed Sheeran) to layer guitar, vocals and rhythm. I’ll be performing the songs from my new album ‘Lost in the Land of Midnight Sun’, as well as from my previous CDs, and a few covers played in my own original style.

Paul expects to roll into Staffin between July 19 and 20. He charges £150 per performance or a deal could be struck with ticket sales. Depending on confirmation of Arts Council funding he hopes to offer two hours of music, a local support act and a free songwriting workshop. The workshop would take place on the day of the performance, is suitable for all ages and musical abilities (no instruments needed), and would focus on using the senses to write powerful song lyrics.

If anybody in Staffin thinks they would like to host Paul’s tour, please contact him through his website.