Limited superfast broadband for Staffin
A HIGH speed internet connection will be rolled out to Staffin – but large swathes of the district will struggle to access it.
A meeting was held in Kilmuir Hall on Wednesday night (29.4) hosted by the North Skye Broadband Project and residents in Trotternish outlined their current internet speeds, amid several complaints about slow broadband.
The project, which is being led by Glendale Trust, is investigating current online speeds in its own community, Kilmuir and Waternish.
BT is in the midst of a region-wide roll-out of superfast broadband but Glendale, Kilmuir and Waternish are not included. The project is aiming to gather evidence about the current speeds for residents and business so it can make a business case for establishing a stand-along superfast broadband service.
Community Broadband Scotland is advice and support to the project officers. Staffin WILL be included in the superfast roll out.
Limited superfast broaband expected in Staffin.

Limited superfast broadband expected in Staffin.

However, that will only mean homes and businesses which are close to the exchange in Staffin, opposite the primary school, are likely to get it. Beyond the hill, past Dunmar, heading south to Portree it is unlikely that Elishadder, Valtos, Culnacnoc, Grealin and Lealt will get superfast. On the other other side of Staffin, townships like Flodigarry, Digg, Glasphein, etc are also likely to miss out, as it gets slower the further away the premises are from the exchange. That makes it vital for as many Staffin people to fill in the North Skye Broadband Project’s short online survey a picture of the internet speed in the area can be investigated.

If we can get as many Staffin postcodes into the survey then it will illustrate theexpected service gap in Staffin and the North Skye project could be extended, so Taobh Sear residents and business should not miss this opportunity to make case.
The deadline for the survey, which only takes two minutes to complete, is Saturday, May 9.
If anybody wants a hardcopy Staffin Trust development officer Hugh Ross will have some by Friday.