Large ecomuseum sign removed from Digg

A BULKY sign at the start of a popular Staffin walk, which is part of the Skye Ecomuseum, has gone missing.

The interpretation panel was installed in Digg 10 years ago but appears to have been removed several days ago.

The panel was one of more than a dozen across Staffin which highlight popular walks and locations within the ecomuseum, also known as Ceumannan. Whoever has removed would have had to have gone a lot of effort as it was screwed on to a frame.
The Staffin Community Trust is obviously disappointed at the loss of this panel, and would ask for it to be returned.

The trust will be delivering a major investment in the ecomuseum’s interpretation later this year which includes new interpretation panels across Staffin, gateway structures and a central orientation point. A viewing platform and new car park, plus footpaths, is also part of the development.

SCT obviously does not want this to happen again as it is a community project and there is no budget to replace interpretation which is removed or stolen.