Land call for seafood processing building in Staffin

A CALL has been issued seeking a suitable site in Staffin to build a new seafood processing building, which would create a significant number of jobs in the district.

A base is needed in which to pack and label seafood, such as organic salmon, for sale. It comes after aquaculture company Organic Sea Harvest (OSH), secured planning permission from Highland Council for two new fish farms at Tote and Culnacnoc in April.

OSH will produce and package a high quality, locally branded product in Staffin before wholesaling to major retailers as organic Skye salmon. These processes could create 38 additional jobs, plus further indirect supply and service jobs.

A site which is approximately 2 acres in size, close to water and power supplies and the main road is required. A ‘Call for Sites” poster will be displayed throughout Staffin.

If any resident or landowner has any suggestions they can contact Hugh Ross at SCT by phone on 562 464, email or call in to see him at the office.

The produce for the new seafood unit would come in via Staffin Slipway.

It comes as (SCT) makes encouraging progress towards a new redevelopment plan for the Staffin Slipway which is a key priority for SCT.

Basic amenities such as water, fuel and electricity are not available at the Slipway, which is not currently fit for purpose. There are no secure boat storage facilities, while increased shelter for vessels, and the ability to berth at times of the day is often highlighted as a restriction for commercial and tourism usage.

SCT has the support of Highlands and Islands Enterprise to help fund a marine engineer to produce a new site and project plan which would be shared with Slipway users, the community and other landowners in the area, like the Kilmuir Estate and the council, for their views and input.

SCT hopes to be in a position to instruct the engineer in the coming days to start this key piece of work.

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