Get Set: Revamped Staffin Gym programme is launched!

THE WRAPPING of your last Easter egg has been discarded and you want to move on from that enjoyable but heavy chocolate binge… well the Staffin Gym’s doors are always open!

The popular community-run gym, which is based in the Staffin Hall, has offered a range of different classes since its opening two years ago. It has now thrown some new classes into the mix and they are open for local residents and visitors. Holidaymakers may want to loosen up and exercise after a long journey to Staffin and are warmly welcomed.

The 7/7/7 30-minute class starts on Thursday night. Instructor Sam Crowe said it was a hugely enjoyable workout which included seven minutes of “fat incinerating” cardio exercise, seven minutes of muscle intensifying legs and seven minutes of “power building arms”. It costs only £3.50.

There is also the new look Abs-30 mins class aimed at strengthening abdominal muscles to support body posture and to provide toning to the stomach (an on-going £3.50 a class, or £1.50 if tagging this onto the class before).

The new DIY Class is also available where you can join a friendly group of locals to workout together via the projector (donation of £2 per class).

Staffin Gym’s Sam Crowe.

The Beginners’ Class only started last month. Everybody is welcome as part of the 12 week Transformation Plan, or to come on a class-by-class basis. This class is suitable for folk wanting to start getting fit or who have not worked out for a few months and want to get going again (£4.50 per class).

The gym runs a Loyalty Scheme, six classes and one is free; the more you come, the more you get free.


AbsDIYBeginners class7/7/7

For more details calls Sam on 07766 081 258 or e-mail