Festive countdown for busy Staffin businesses

FOLLOWING a hectic 2016 season Staffin businesses are in the midst of the busy festive run-in with only several days until Christmas.

Thirteen local businesses, including the two shops, craft outlets, cafes, accommodation, museum, gym, etc, are all now featured on the Staffin Community Trust’s online directory. It provides helpful information for what is on offer in Staffin for both visitors and locals and SCT has recorded heavy website traffic to the site this year, particulary from other parts of the world. For more information on all of the businesses featured click here: http://staffin-trust.co.uk/staffin-directory

Here’s short festive summary from Nick Wakeham, Maggie Williams and Kirsty Faulds about Skyelight Candles, the Ellishadder Art Cafe and the Skye Pie Cafe, respectively.

Skyelight Candles.

Nick: “2016 has been a busy year not only with visitors to the shop but also the internet. As some may know, this may be my last year as the house and business is up for sale. However, the good news is that it looks like the business may continue as there has been interest in buying it, not only from prospective buyers of the house but also independently. That’s all in the future so let’s get back to the upcoming festivities!

I have decided not to physically open the shop this year but to let people know they can come up any time and I will open it for them. So, the “Closed” sign will be at the bottom of the drive but don’t let that put you off. Either come up and ring the house doorbell or give me a call on 01470 562738 beforehand to arrange a time.

I have some nice Christmas candles and also hand-knitted goods such as hats and hot water bottle covers for the long winter nights. There is also a special Christmas version of the Northern Lights candle which changes colour when it is lit – a great conversation piece! Plus, this year I am now doing personalised mugs so you can say what you want to your friends or loved one on a mug – there are also some ready made up which may tickle your fancy. Just pop in and have a look or bring me your ideas and I can get it printed up for you. To see the full range go on to the website www.skyelight.co.uk As usual, I am happy to open up to (and including) Christmas Eve – so, when you panic about that last forgotten present – give me a shout!

No matter what you do this festive season, do it safely. Have a wonderful time and let’s hope 2017 turns out to be really good one for us all.”

Ellishadder Art Cafe

Maggie: “After being busy with the café side of things all summer, thoughts turn to weaving over the winter. I’ve been busy developing new patterns for 2017, focusing on a technique called ‘double weave’, which produces a beautifully thick and cosy fabric (pictures below).

Plans are also in the pipeline to upgrade from a mechanical dobby loom to include a computer interface, which will allow for much longer pattern repeats. At present the maximum number of ‘picks’ (rows) per pattern is 59; with a computerised dobby the number of picks per pattern is infinite! Needless to say the weaving will still be done very much by hand!”

Skye Pie Cafe

Kirsty: “The Skye Pie pizzas we were doing last month are now over so we are now on to two weeks of tasty Christmas pies until December 23rd (shut on Sunday). We are open 12 noon to 4pm, either sit in or take away on all pies and lots and lots of mince pies too! The gallery is also open and we are also selling vouchers, see below, great ideas for Christmas presents for pie-loving loved ones!” http://staffin-trust.co.uk/eating-shopping