Deadline looms for Storr responses

STAFFIN residents have only five days left to have their say on the future management of a roadside site at the Old Man of Storr.

Friday, November 27 is the deadline for responding to Staffin Community Trust’s questionnaire into the potential project at the hugely popular Trotternish landmark.

There has been an encouraging response to the Storr survey so far and SCT would like to thank everybody who has taken the time to offer their thoughts. SCT’s board of directors, who helped hand deliver the surveys to every household and business in the district, would encourage everybody to make their views known on this hugely important community project.

SCT is in discussions with Highland Council regarding the purchase or lease of the land (or part of) for the community benefit of Staffin. SCT believes it is a fantastic opportunity for the community to have a direct involvement at the site, potentially creating local employment and marketing Staffin and local businesses far more strongly.

The cleared commercial forestry at the Storr.

The cleared commercial forestry at the Storr.

The SCT views the Storr as a vital entry point and economic driver to Staffin for shops, cafes, accommodation providers and other key businesses. More than 100,000 people have already visited the Storr this year and traffic surveys carried out by council officials have identified that 70 per cent of that total continue north on the A855 road to Staffin.

If you have not received a copy please ask SCT’s development officer Hugh Ross on 562 464 or e-mail Surveys can be dropped off to him at the SCT office or left in the mailbox if he is not in. Once the deadline has passed SCT and Highland Council will analyse the results and produce a report on the feedback which will be shared with the community.