Deadine passes on Staffin’s “Call for Sites”

A PUBLIC call for potential affordable housing sites in Staffin has ended, as the next stage in the efforts to encourage the construction of new homes begins.

The Staffin Community Trust had issued the call locally following the publication of a report into the housing needs of the district.

The Highlands Small Housing Communities Trust had researched the issues and presented the report, which concluded there was a demand for new affordable homes in Staffin, in September.

Both of Staffin’s national elected representatives, Dave Thompson MSP and MP Charles Kennedy, have backed the Trust’s efforts in pressing for affordable homes. Fifteen years have now passed since affordable homes were last built in Staffin.

The Trust asked the community to suggest potential sites in the call for sites which ended on November 30.

The merits of three separate sites are now being investigated more closely following that process, with a view to having at least one of them zoned in the new Local Plan for affordable housing. The Trust will also be looking to investigate the various funding approaches for any development and will be looking to update the community on progress as soon as possible.

The Trust is grateful to the Lochalsh and Skye Housing Association and Highland Concil for their guidance and support on the issue. If anybody has any queries about the process please contact the Trust development officer Hugh Ross on 01470 562 464 or e-mail