Community invited to Skye Ecomuseum interpretation consultation events

THE STAFFIN community and visitors are warmly invited to offer their views on the proposals for upgraded signage for the Skye Ecomuseum over the next two days.

Design firm, Lateral North, will be on hand with Staffin Community Trust to show the plans for the ecomuseum.

The ecomuseum is an outdoor museum with ‘no walls and a roofless sky’ and includes a footpath network across the district. Interpretation illustrates the story of each area in the district and focuses on the heritage and landscape, which includes the famous Staffin Beach dinosaur footprints, crofting, use of the Gaelic language, past industries, wildlife, geology, archaeology, etc.

The Heritage Lottery Fund has funded a new phase of the ecomuseum and to date the viewing platform and car park have been built in Lealt while new and upgraded paths are planned at Flodigarry and Grealin. The physical and digital interpretation will include: –

  • Removal and replacement of all the existing interpretation panels at the 14 Ceumannan sites
  • An orientation point in central Staffin proving information about the different walking routes, maps etc
  • Attractive interpretation “welcome” structures at the Storr, Quiraing and Flodigarry (the gateways into the Ecomuseum and Staffin)
  • Fresh branding and marketing strategy for Ecomuseum
  • A new user-responsive and mobile friendly website

Everybody is welcome to view to the proposals at Columba 1400 and at the SCT Office

  • 9am to 5pm Wednesday, October 31 (Columba 1400)
  • 9am to 5pm, Thursday November 1 (Columba 1400)
  • 5pm to 7pm Wednesday, October 31 (SCT Office)