Boo! ‘Ghosts’ observe £1m Flodigarry revamp

THE owners of Flodigarry Hotel – who are in the middle of a £1million refurbishment – have encountered some ghostly goings on.

Paul and Bette Temming have reported paranormal activity in the historic hotel since they took over last year.

Shortly after their arrival the Dutch couple said they encountered a maid and a policeman who were “friendly”. During the ambitious upgrade, which has seen walls stripped back bare, the Temmings have noticed the level of activity to have escalated and have watched as lights turned on, despite not being plugged in.

Other incidents include phones ringing whilst being disconnected, creaking floorboards in empty rooms and glances of shadowy shapes moving in the corridors.

The couple say the improvements, which are the biggest for 40 years, will give the building “a new lease of life and restore it to its former glory”. But the Temmings have no intention of calling The Ghostbusters and are relaxed about their permanent guests.
Paul said: “We know that the Flodigarry spirits are happy ones and the increased levels of interaction we have seen recently is their way of saying they like what we are doing with the hotel.

“We’re planning on inviting the ghosts to help with our festive preparations and ask for their help in decorating the hotel for Christmas. We’re going to leave out baubles and tinsel and a bare Christmas tree and who knows, perhaps we’ll awake to a decorated one!”

Flodigarry Hotel.

Flodigarry Hotel.

Bette added: “It’s a very exciting time for us and the hotel. We are now in our second phase of refurbishing this beautiful old building and are uncovering many old treasures as we do. The old features which make it so unique are once again exposed but we plan to bring it all to life again with a contemporary twist!”

Flodigarry Hotel in Staffin was built by Alexander Livingston MacDonald in 1895 as a private house. The cottage next door is where the famous Jacobean heroine Flora MacDonald lived in the 1750s and it’s also where five of her seven children were born. She is famous for her part in Bonnie Prince Charlie’s escape over the sea to Skye in 1746.

In recent years the hotel was chosen as the venue for the wedding of Scottish singer/songwriter KT Tunstall and drummer Luke Bullen.