Bollywood star bigs up Kilt Rock to millions of fans

STAFFIN could host a flood of Indian Bollywood fans this summer after one of the country’s most famous voices sung the praises of the Kilt Rock to her millions of fans.

The Taobh Sear received a very welcome promotional boost this week from Shreya Ghoshal, a hugely popular star in India.

The Bollywood singer visited the Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls on Monday and took to social media to post a picture of the famous cliff tops in Staffin to her 4.3 million followers on Twitter. She hailed the Jurassic story of Staffin and the height and depth of the landmark, which attracts thousands of people every year and is known in Gaelic as Creag an Fheilidh.

Kilt Rock.

Kilt Rock.

As the name suggests, the cliff resembles Scotland’s national dress. The waterfall, which is fed from Loch Mealt, plummets from the top of the cliffs into the sea.

The famous playback singer is currently visiting Staffin and ate in the Three Chimneys Restaurant near Glendale and also went to the Fairy Pools.

A playback singer sees their singing pre-recorded for use in Bollywood movies. Playback singers record songs for the soundtrack, and actors or actresses will then lip-sync the songs for cameras.