As the Storr pops up Down Under, submit your best “Planet Staffin” pics!

A GIANT image of the Old Man of Storr is now looming over a city’s streets – more than 10,000 miles away.

While the Storr features in the holiday pictures in countries across the world with it visited by thousands of people each year, it is now also on display in all its glory in Melbourne, Australia. It is featuring in a major new advertising campaign launch by VisitScotland hence its arrival on the Melbourne skyline.

With other Staffin landmarks such as the Quiraing, the Kilt Rock, Lealt Gorge, the dinosaur footprints at Staffin Beach and the Trotternish Ridge also hugely popular subjects for visitors we thought it would be interesting if our army of website readers, including the Staffin diaspora who are scattered across the globe, sent in pictures of the most unlikely places where they have found an image of Staffin. It could be a snap of Brogaig in Botswana or a postcard of Flodigarry in Fiji. It doesn’t have to be a picture of Staffin and could be any meaningful Staffin connection.

There are no prizes, apart from being featured on the SCT website. Send you entries to and we will publish them as soon as possible. To get you started we have published a much cherished picture, above, of the world’s greatest footballer, Diego Maradona, (yes, better than Messi) proudly holding his Staffin FC strip which was presented to him by Glasphein’s Bryan Nicolson several years ago in Argentina.