All hail Staffin! Taobh Sear hogs Macbeth spotlight.

STAFFIN’s scenery takes the centre stage of a newly-launched marketing campaign to promote the forthcoming Hollywood movie Macbeth. And more information about what part the Quiraing and Storr play in the plot is revealed for the first time.

The critically-acclaimed production, starring Michaal Fassbender, is released nationwide on October 2 and Scotland’s national tourism organisation, VisitScotland, has embarked on a major marketing campaign to encouarage people to travel to the locations featured in the film.

The Quiraing and Storr were locations for a sustained period of filming back in February 2014 and there is eager anticipation at how they, and local extras, will appear on the big screen, although it is by no means the Staffin landmarks’ debuts on the big screen.

A special Macbeth website has been launched by Visitscotland and both landscapes feature prominently. The Storr features in a scene of Macbeth riding towards the battlefield and VisitScotland said the “jagged spire of grey basalt is impossible to miss on screen.” The Quiraing is described as “ethereal” on a misty day and is the setting for Macbeth’s army returning home post-battle and where he is awarded the title, Thane of Cawdor.

Visitors to the website are told: “Skye is no stranger to Hollywood. A stunning landscape of jagged and majestic hills tearing through misty skies and crystal-clear waters, this ethereal and mysterious destination holds a fascination for artists and writers from around the world.”

The film and promotional campaign could help increase Staffin’s national and international profile further, especially as the tourism season enters the shoulder months as millions of moviegoers could see the area in cinema screens across the globe.

Mike Cantlay, VisitScotland chairman, said Macbeth could be a fantastic economic for Staffin. “This new guide gives visitors to Scotland a fascinating insight into one of our most enduring figures. Featuring places of historical significance, theatrical intrigue and stunning beauty, our new web pages will encourage more people to discover the places associated with Macbeth – the man, the myth and the legend. The map includes the amazing locations used in the new movie and, with 40 per cent of visitors to the UK inspired to come here after seeing a location on film or on television, this is terrific news for Skye.”

The VisitScotland website can be accessed here